3D designer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance 2D/3D Designer designs the graphic universe of a product, a brand, a video game, from the concept to realisation. He/she produces the graphic charter that defines the technical details of the project, before implementing it or delegating this task to a graphic designer.

Thanks to his/her expertise in 2D graphics he/she works in many types of visual projects (websites, advertising, visiting cards, logos, packaging, etc.).

In 3D, he/she creates visuals using modelling software. He/she can design objects that are then created physically (product prototyping, architecture, etc.) or creations for digital media, for example video games (design and modelling of characters, environment, the interface, etc.). He/she reflects on his/her creations by considering their volume in a defined space and their 360-degree design.

Who are the 3D designer registered on Freelance.com?
36 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance 3D designer.
Junior €228
Intermediary €321
Confirmed €294

What skills does a Designer 3D need to master?

The freelance 2D/3D Designer needs both creative and technical skills.

He/she is proficient in DTP (desktop publishing) software such as Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and can translate the ideas of a company or a brand into images. He/she is also familiar with 3D modelling software such as Blender or Maya LT.

He/she has creative skills, a broad general culture and seeks to remain abreast of all graphic design trends. His/her ability to synthetise means he/she can effectively supervise the project and produce precise specifications.

The 2D or 3D Designer works in collaboration with many professions (marketers, artistic directors, project managers), so ease in teamwork situations is essential.

In which project is a 3D designer involved?

The 2D/3D designer works on a wide range of graphic projects.

He/she can produce print media (packaging, business cards, logos, posters, flyers, etc.) or digital media (visuals for social networks, webdesign, newsletter layout, motion design, etc.).

He/she is involved in 3D projects such as the design of characters and environments in video games, the modelling of a 3D environment in architecture, the prototyping and creation of a product, the development of packaging, etc.

How to choose a 3D designer?

Your freelance 2D/3D Designer should be compatible with your project. He/she needs to know your industry, your vision and your goals. He/she must actively participate in your project by contributing his/her ideas and expertise in graphic design. He/she plays a key role in the visual development of your concept.

To select your freelance, do not hesitate to examine the portfolios of the profiles available on the platform, in order to find a freelance whose creative universe matches your project.