Administrative Assistant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance administrative assistant is responsible for the administrative processing of the files of one or more departments within a company.

He is involved in the management of administrative and company secretarial tasks. As part of his work, he may be assigned to manage your structure's accounting, archiving, invoicing operations and any subsequent follow-up. He processes the various administrative files sent to him by the various departments.

An administrative assistant is familiar with the duties of each member of the company. This knowledge enables him to connect all the information together and thus effectively process the data he receives.

Who are the Administrative Assistant registered on
39 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Administrative Assistant.
Confirmed €249

What skills does a Assistant administratif need to master?

A freelance administrative assistant is proficient in office software and IT tools that allow data to be captured and processed efficiently.

A freelance administrative assistant is able to incorporate any administrative information, the information and enter it digitally, track the files and search for missing information. The archiving and classification of administrative records are just two of his skills.

With regard to company secretarial, he is required to plan the agendas and operations of the various departments. Welcoming the public and the management of telephone calls are generally assigned to him. Note taking and typing allow him to effectively process new requests.

A freelance administrative assistant has a keen sense of organisation and planning. He must analyse requests from the various departments in order to prioritise his file management.

In which project is a Administrative Assistant involved?

A freelance administrative assistant may play a role in public areas (public hospital function, national police, public institutions, national education, etc.) and in private areas (sales assistant, assistant manager, management assistant, etc.).

He supports you in the management of organisational projects, administrative processing and company secretarial services. He assists the company secretary and/or the administrative officer in the management of their projects.

How to choose a Administrative Assistant?

Your freelance administrative assistant will be required to work with your other employees on a daily basis. Good interpersonal skills and a positive presence enable him to work efficiently. He will process sensitive data, and your confidence in him is a key factor in his selection.

An administrative assistant must be adaptable and respond to how you process the administrative data. With many responsibilities, his versatility allows him to quickly integrate the various factors involved in your company.

Knowledge of your industry is a real plus. In fact, a freelance administrative assistant continuously works on data that may include terms related to your business.