Agile coach

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance Agile coach allows you to overcome the various problems faced by your teams or your company. He uses a more flexible coaching methodology adapted to the needs of the customer, the AGILE method. 

It is broken down into 4 core values to be prioritised in your company: 

  • Individuals and their interactions are more important than protocols.

  • Use operational software instead of complex documentation.

  • Customer collaboration is preferable to the simple execution of a contract. 

  • Adapting to change takes precedence over following a defined plan.


As an expert in Agile methods, a freelance AGILE coach supports you - individually or in a group coaching session - in strengthening the collaboration of each member of your team. 

A freelance Agile coach wears several hats: as a mentor, coach, trainer, facilitator. He relies on various management methodologies such as Kanban and Scrum, in a systemic approach.

Who are the Agile coach registered on
42 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Agile coach.
Junior €580
Intermediary €791
Confirmed €754

What skills does a Coach Agile need to master?

A freelance AGILE coach diagnoses the areas for improvement to be implemented in your company. He draws up an action plan to provide solutions tailored to your teams and your customers. 

As the driving force behind a real change management policy, a freelance Agile coach has excellent managerial and keen interpersonal skills. His task is to improve the agility of your company. He must be an expert in the tools applicable to the Agile method (Scrum, Kanban, Quadrant, ORID questioning, etc.).

A freelance Agile coach must be able to pass on his ideas and bring your teams together through team coaching sessions in which listening and empathy are paramount.

In which project is a Agile coach involved?

Typically, a freelance Agile coach is involved in the following situations: introduction to Agile development in your company, audit by the Agile team, implementation of new development practices.

A freelance Agile coach can also be involved in coaching, mentoring and managing one or more employees.

How to choose a Agile coach?

After years of experience, a freelance Agile coach has developed his expertise, which provides him with a specific methodology. He is required to regularly switch from one role to another: mentor, coach, trainer, facilitator, etc. You should make sure that their preferred roles are compatible with your project. 

Their responsiveness and actions need to be tailored to the request and specific needs of your project. Depending on the profile of your teams, more or less active leadership may be required. When recruiting, remember that a Coach’s personality (soft-skills) is as important as his other skills. Your employees must have confidence in them.