Analytic consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance web analytics consultant collects traffic data from your website, reviews visitor behaviour and provides tools to optimize your web platform traffic. 

He/she analyses the statistical data on your website: number of connections, page viewing time, user typologies, links, etc. He/she then summarises the results obtained and makes recommendations to the various digital teams:

  • He/she advises the digital project manager on the communication strategy and they then jointly prepare dashboards for the actions to be carried out.

  • He/she works with the UX designer to improve site ergonomics 

  • He/she supports the SEO representative and the traffic manager on the site's natural referencing

He/she refers to decision-making IT, all the web data that help your company make strategic decisions and that define the key indicators of your digital strategy.

Who are the Analytic consultant registered on
36 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Analytic consultant.
Junior €366
Intermediary €601
Confirmed €558

What skills does a Consultant Analytique need to master?

A web specialist, the freelance analytical consultant is an expert in collecting and processing statistical data. He/she uses audience analysis tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, Hotjar or Quantcast.

He/she has solid technical skills in webmarketing tools and web referencing (Yooda, Rank, 1fr, Google Adwords, etc.). 

His/her rigorous approach and ability to summarize facilitate successful outcomes for his/her advisory missions. He/she can analyse the needs of Internet users, and regularly undergoes training to keep abreast of new web practices to retain peak performance.

He/she uses his/her creativity and sense of innovation to customise recommendations. With good interpersonal skills and strong leadership, he/she can effectively advise the different employees with whom he/she works.

In which project is a Analytic consultant involved?

The freelance analytical consultant may be involved in creating or updating a website, to monitor developments in your market or your products/services. He/she supports you end-to-end in deployment of your digital marketing strategy.

He/she assists you to define users’ new needs and communicate effectively with users.

How to choose a Analytic consultant?

The freelance analytics web consultant supports you in the development of your website. You should define your aims and the issues you encounter so that he/she can determine how best to support you and define the time needed to carry out the mission.

Your freelance usually has expertise in specific tools, his/her working methodology is unique and you must therefore check that it is well-adapted to your working environment.