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With the technical skills of a builder, an Architect is a master in the art of bespoke design and the renovation of public or private buildings.

An Architect's job is to accompany you throughout your project to construct, refurbish or convert your property, from the design stage until completion and handover.

A DPLG Architect is a building professional graduate, registered with the Architects Council. Having taken out the professional insurance required for the building trade, he has the technical skills to work on architectural structures (roofs, frames) and redevelop the interior spaces (mezzanines, partitions, conservatories…).

An Architect draws up plans according to your expectations and the location (bioclimatic design) complying with town planning regulations and according to your budget. He checks whether the architectural project is feasible and arranges all studies necessary for its implementation.

He is responsible for all administrative procedures and sends the urban planning department all documents required to obtain a building permit (plans, sketches, photographs).

He then puts out the call for tenders to recruit the various craftsmen who will be required on the site (bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, painters…). Finally, he coordinates and supervises the work within the allotted time.

Who are the Architect registered on
39 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Architect.
Junior €299
Intermediary €462
Confirmed €450

What skills does a Architecte need to master?

A freelance Architect is perfectly aware of the rules and regulations and current building standards. He receives regular training on new materials and modern techniques.

Being highly creative, he is skilled in technical drawing and the computer software required to develop plans for a building (floor plans, block plans, elevations, sections, perspectives…). His knowledge of art history allows him to renovate historic monuments. Finally, he has a project manager's skills which enable him to manage the works over the long term.

In which project is a Architect involved?

A freelance Architect can work on any construction project involving villas, town houses, buildings or public properties. He is also involved in the remodelling or the restructuring of interiors or building conversions (converting a factory into offices for example).

How to choose a Architect?

In addition to his technical knowledge, an Architect must demonstrate a willingness to listen to his client’s expectations.

To be successful, his life-skills (or soft skills), such as his responsiveness and the resistance to stress, are as important as his professional skills.