Artistic Director

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance Artistic Director is responsible for designing a project’s visual identity. He is an artistic person a creative who is involved from the graphic design to the technical production of media and their deployment.

He ensures the consistency of the graphic universe of your project. He works in a creative team and coordinates different professions depending on the work to be produced (photographers, film makers, 2d designers, web designers, infographic designers, etc.). Initially responsible for the consistency of creations in fashion houses or the world of cinema, the profession has now expanded to include the fields of marketing, the web, publishing, etc. 

A freelance Artistic Director supervises all actors during each stage of production and the deployment of resources.

Who are the Artistic Director registered on
36 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Artistic Director.
Junior €325
Intermediary €431
Confirmed €408

What skills does a Directeur artistique need to master?

An Artistic Director has a high level of general education in terms of graphic arts which enables him to be creative and innovative in his projects. He is proficient in graphics tools which he uses to produce his various creations. His highly developed aesthetic sense helps him to find suitable visual solutions. 

He generally has expertise in creating paper (posters, flyers, packaging, etc.) or digital media (website, videos, social networks, etc.). He may be a specialist in particular fields (motion design, editorial design, communication campaigns, product design, web design) or be a generalist.

A freelance Artistic Director uses his overall vision of projects to deploy the necessary resources in terms of management and skills. His leadership skills enable him to convince his employees to support projects and to optimise the resources of each person.

In which project is a Artistic Director involved?

A freelance Artistic Director may be affiliated to various projects such as advertising campaigns, the graphic consistency of a film, the development of new packaging, etc. He will support you during the deployment of your strategy branding.

From the development of a concept to the deployment of its graphic media, he manages all the steps necessary to successfully implement the project.

How to choose a Artistic Director?

A freelance Artistic Director focuses on the development of a brand identity for your company. His work is directly visible to your customers, so you must choose him with care.

Define the project together and check that your freelance artistic director is compatible in terms of skills, graphics and work methodology. His book is a good way of discovering his universe.

Your Artistic Director must adapt to your working environment. Working together with your teams, his leadership and interpersonal skills are factors to take into account before all others.