Audio transcriber

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The profession in freelance audio transcriber consists of transcribing audio or video recordings in writing. He/she prepares minutes of meetings, conferences, interviews, videos, etc. Effective transcription includes a vocabulary search phase, rewriting, proofreading, etc.

There are different types of transcripts: 

  • Full unedited transcribing (verbatim transcript): handwritten text transcribed word for word with all the particular features of the language used (hesitation, onomatopoeia, laughter, mistakes)

  • A refined transcription: rewriting in correct French. Correction of French language errors and repetitions.

  • The reformulated transcript: adapted to the written style and rephrased.

  • The summary transcription: only includes key elements of the speech.

Usually transcripts are taken from audio or video files recorded using a dictating device or microphone, but these professionals can also transcribe live content (meeting, trial, interviews, etc.).

Who are the Audio transcriber registered on
31 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Audio transcriber.
Junior €147
Intermediary €186
Confirmed €181

What skills does a Transcripteur audio need to master?

The audio transcriber works must be able to work efficiently using word processing tools and sending files to you in Word format. 

He/she must be very good at spelling and familiar with grammar rules. Thanks to his/her active listening and fast typing speed, an audio transcriber efficiently transcribes text from digital dictation or live speech.

In which project is a Audio transcriber involved?

The freelance audio transcriber is involved in transcribing minutes of meetings, conferences, interviews, company videos and managers’ dictation.

The transcript can be used for captioning videos or for a printed interview, for example. In addition to being an audio transcriber, the professional may also undertake other editorial missions: translator, editors, secretarial assignments, etc.

How to choose a Audio transcriber?

Your freelance audio transcriber should be very familiar with the vocabulary specific to your industry. 

Depending on the workload, each freelance will need a different transcription time. Do not hesitate to talk to your professional to determine the time required for transcription and examine the feasibility of the project given your requirements.

Your freelance transcriber can specialize in live audio transcription or may be more comfortable transcribing from a recorded medium (video or audio). Choose the right profile for your needs.