Back End developer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance Back-end Developer takes care of the "invisible" part of the development of a site, a web application or software. He is involved in server configuration and maintenance, database management, information security and connecting customers to the platform.

He is an expert who adapts to the technical environment specific to the project. This professional writes lines of code to translate the requested functionalities into computer language in order to meet the expectations of customers and internet users. Once the test phases have been validated, he or she is responsible for implementing the content (creation or updating of the website, application, software, etc.). He is also responsible for the maintenance and stability of the code over the long term.

He works with the Front-End Developer who develops the interface with which the user interacts directly.

Who are the Back End developer registered on
36 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Back End developer.
Junior €385
Intermediary €464
Confirmed €443

What skills does a Développeur Back-End need to master?

A freelance Back-end Developer is proficient in programming languages (Javascript, PHP, etc.) and frameworks such as Symfony, Django or Angular.

He is an expert in IT project management. With an excellent analytical mind, he finds the technical solutions suited to your project. He must undergo regular training to broaden his skills and always use the most optimised tools in his work.

Thorough and precise, a freelance back end developer must be fluent in English and have good listening skills. He has a good team spirit and is highly adaptable.

In which project is a Back End developer involved?

A Developer supports you in your IT project launches or updates: the development of merchant websites or shop windows, the creation of applications or the roll-out of software in-house/externally.

He works on the design and deployment of your solutions and then assists you in the maintenance and stability of your IT media.

How to choose a Back End developer?

As he is at the heart of the general structure that will make your site work, choosing the right freelance Back-end Developer is essential. You can check the references of the profiles that interest you by looking at the work experience of the freelancers on our platform. Chat to him and gain a better understanding of his skills, time lines and the feasibility of the development project.

Finally, by clearly explaining your objectives, you will be in a position to know whether he quickly understands your project. As a true partner for your development projects, choose the freelance Back-end Developer you would have confidence in over the long term.