BI Consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance Business Intelligence Consultant (or freelance decision-making consultant) advises the management of a company in the selection and implementation of decision-making tools (software packages for reporting, database management, information systems, etc.). 

He/she equips you with decision-making tools to improve your company’s performance. He/she holds discussions with you and analyses your strategic needs. He/she defines precise specifications for the tools that will be incorporated into your company. He/she estimates the budget and the deadlines for implementing the changeover. 

The freelance BI consultant implements his/her action plan and develops your decision-making IT, a set of decision-making software and tools. He/she prioritises tasks and them implements them. He/she ensures the follow-up and corrective maintenance of the decision-making tools. The BI consultant trains the various teams on the new resources made available.

Who are the BI Consultant registered on
34 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance BI Consultant.
Junior €508
Intermediary €604
Confirmed €565

What skills does a Consultant BI need to master?

The freelance BI Consultant is an expert in systemic analysis methodologies. He/she has very strong technical skills in IT, particularly in the field of information system management. He/she is very familiar with decision support tools such as Microsoft BI, Sharepoint. He/she must have detailed knowledge of the database management systems Sql server, SAP or Oracle.

He/she also requires operational skills. He/she is very effective in conducting internal audits, has learned how to lead a project and to detect the needs of the company through his/her studies at an engineering or management higher educational institute.

His/her ability to listen and his/her analytical mind facilitate his/her understanding of your needs. He/she must be rigorous and adaptable. He/she has good interpersonal and strong communication skills. Fluency in English is essential.

In which project is a BI Consultant involved?

Your BI freelance consultant works to create decision-making tools for your company. In search of new markets, to improve your supply chain management tools, to analyse the behaviour of your consumers or to monitor changes in your sector of activity, the BI consultant assists you in the use of efficient decision-making tools adapted to your needs.

He/she may be involved in the installation of data mining tools (detection of trends defined by the data), a data warehouse (operational data storage) or a data factory (data storage, sharing and security).

How to choose a BI Consultant?

The size of your organization will determine whether you need a freelance profile that specializes in consultancy services for large or small businesses. For a large project, there are BI consultants who only work on architecture and data retrieval, others who synthesize data to create dashboards or reports. Talk with your freelance BI about your real needs and make sure he/she has the right skills and knowledge for your firm.