Brand Content Specialist

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance Brand Content Specialist designs and manages the digital content of a company or product on the internet. His aim is to create a story between your company and your customers incorporating your values and message, with a view to winning your customers’ loyalty.

He develops your company’s brand identity and visibility on the internet to improve your E-reputation, using a strategy based on the brand content. He deploys this strategy on your website, social networks and online advertising by defining the content types best suited to your needs. This is known as content marketing.

A Brand Content Specialist may operate within a team and work in particular with the digital project manager, marketing manager, the web designer, editors, the community manager, etc.

Who are the Brand Content Specialist registered on
38 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Brand Content Specialist.
Junior €253
Intermediary €513
Confirmed €449

What skills does a Brand Content Specialist need to master?

This web specialist is a creative person who has strong expertise in digital strategy. He is well versed in design-drafting applied to the web and knows how to produce visuals using graphic creation software (infographics-type digital media, videos, banners, landing page of a website, publications on social networks, etc.). 

He has exacting standards and is organised throughout his project. He focuses on content coherence while producing inspiring proposals. He constantly monitors changes in brand content which enables him to develop the proposed content.

A freelance Brand Content Specialist is familiar with web-related professions, enabling him to find the human and material resources required for each project. He must have a good team spirit and summarising skills in order to work effectively with his co-workers.

In which project is a Brand Content Specialist involved?

A Freelance Brand Content Specialist is involved in your web marketing campaigns and the development of your communication strategy. He works on managing the content of a new site, updating the content of your social networks, your application, your company blog, etc. He is involved in the study of your natural and/or paid referencing.

How to choose a Brand Content Specialist?

To find the right freelancer profile for you, check whether he is adaptable and knows how to adopt the right tone for your content requirements. You can ask him to take a test to check his skills. His specialist experience should also play a part in your choice.

A Brand Content Specialist may specialise in a specific area of the web, so check whether your freelancer’s skills are suitable for your project. His soft skills must be in line with the mindset of your communications or digital team.