Business Developer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A Freelance Business Developer is responsible for establishing the strategic vision of a company through the development of new concepts. He aims to find new growth levers by directing the company towards new services/products. He has an overview of the organisation's strategy and seeks to open up its entry into new markets with a view to acquiring new market share. 

To enhance or design new activities, he calls on a number of employees and/or departments: sales manager, marketing manager, finance department, legal departments, etc. 

A Business Developer combines his entrepreneurial skills with his marketing flair to find the solution adapted to market opportunities, adapted to customer needs.

Who are the Business Developer registered on
37 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Business Developer.
Junior €336
Intermediary €568
Confirmed €527

What skills does a Business Developer need to master?

A Business Developer has strong skills to enable him to manage creative projects. Competitive monitoring, strategy, technical recommendations, etc. He masters all the elements of the creation chain of a strategic project. 

Generally having gone through technical training in marketing, a freelance Business Developer employs his skills in sales strategy and sales techniques to support the project deployment strategy**.** A customer relations professional, his good relationship skills allow him to develop commercial actions leading to the development of the company's client portfolio

A Business Developer’s interpersonal skills and management allow him to optimise the skills of his work team.

In which project is a Business Developer involved?

Freelance business developers can participate in the deployment of commercial actions with a view to increasing your company's market share and enhancing your client portfolio.

One of the main tasks assigned to a Business Developer is the opening up new markets. He is in charge of the overall vision of the projects to be deployed. 

He may also be useful in the context of consulting, to decide on whether to launch new products/services or not. He can support technical teams as project development manager.

How to choose a Business Developer?

A freelance Business Developer works with your work teams. A good relationship with the various departments and his managerial skills are essential, the aim being to develop team spirit among all the players involved in a project. 

Depending on your line of business, a business developer must integrate your company’s business policy and corporate culture. A good knowledge of your areas of activity is a plus for this position. 

If your company has an international reach, fluent English is essential for your freelance Business Developer.