Business Mediator

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance professional mediator is involved in the management of relationship quality and conflict resolution within your company.

Together with management, he plans interventions with the public concerned, establishes the dialogue in a mediation procedure (listening, mediating and resolving tensions). He also defines rules of conduct to avoid possible conflicts and contributes to the design of social projects. in the management of relationals projects to maintain or improve relations between your company's collaborators.

Who are the Business Mediator registered on
32 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Business Mediator.
Junior €482
Intermediary €484
Confirmed €585

What skills does a Médiateur Professionnel need to master?

A professional freelance mediator is an expert in crisis management and negotiation. He has a great capacity for active listening and observation, and allocates equal speaking time to all agents involved in the conflict thanks to his impartiality and his mediation techniques. He is adroit at leading debates thanks to his training, his patience and his communication skills.

He must comply with ethics and employment law.

In which project is a Business Mediator involved?

A freelance professional mediator steps in conflict situations to conduct discussions in a positive manner. He ensures the resolution of disputes which may occur in the event of a conflict with a customer, occupational stress, bullying, a managerial disagreement, etc.

If there are no conflicts, He can also be called upon in the context of risk prevention, to better prepare your future projects.

How to choose a Business Mediator?

Your professional mediator must fit with your working environment and know the specific characteristics of your sector of activity to best help you in your negotiations. He can step in quickly and his immediate availability may therefore help you choose one profile over another.

Depending on the scale of your crisis, you can choose the right sort of expert profile. The references of each freelancer, which can be viewed on the platform, will help you find the profile that suits you.