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The camera operator is responsible for framing the image of an audiovisual project, i.e. defining the camera shots and what appears in the final production - reflecting the vision of the director. 

On the film set, he/she can fulfil two distinct functions:

  • For a large-scale production, the camera operator may work exclusively on framing the shots in collaboration with other professionals. 
  • In a smaller project, he/she will fulfil a broader remit as the camera operator, managing several parameters (framing, shooting, depth of field, video settings, etc.).

His/her role is to follow the movement of the actors, to ensure the sequences follow a dynamic and focus on the emotion conveyed thanks to the various angles and perspectives. During video recording, he/she pays particular attention to the lighting.

Who are the Cameraman registered on
27 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Cameraman.
Junior €336
Intermediary €400
Confirmed €392

What skills does a Cadreur need to master?

The freelance camera operator has full control over the cameras, built-in software and hardware used during professional shoots.

A specialist in the world of cinema, he/she knows how to perform professional camera movements (on rails, panoramic or static shots, etc.) and special shots (working from a pod, aerial shots, crane perspectives, from an on-board camera, etc.). He/she uses post-production software such as Final Cut pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro to re-frame the compositions or to perform other similar tasks.

His/her artistic awareness and film culture mean he/she can offer a variety of production services tailored to your needs. His/her methodical attitude enables him/her to carry out his/her tasks conscientiously. The freelance camera operator must be able to work in a team with other video production professionals (videographer, director, chef operator, editor, stage director, actor, etc.).

In which project is a Cameraman involved?

The freelance camera operator takes part in different types of filming: audiovisual production, corporate film, advertising, documentaries, fiction-based short films, TV productions, etc.

How to choose a Cameraman?

Your camera operator may be specialised in the use of specific equipment (stabiliser, drone, gopro camera, etc.) or in a specific creative field (sports, luxury, corporate, etc.). Select the freelance profile who can best meet your technical and artistic specifications.

You can see past achievements and the fields in which the freelance you are interested in work on his/her profile page in order to appreciate his/her technical level and areas of predilection.