Chief Happiness Officer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The mission of a freelance chief happiness officer is to ensure the well-being and happiness of your employees. This emerging profession is born of the principle that an employee who feels good at work is more productive, absent on fewer occasions and less inclined to be ill.

Having happy employees also contributes to the success of your company. This factor directly impacts on your performance, your brand image both internally and externally, your results and by extension your turnover.

To assess the degree of well-being of employees at work, the freelance Chief Happiness Officer conducts audits and analyses the work environment of employees using different tools: questionnaires, individual or collective interviews, observations of processes, management analyses, etc.  

On the basis of the analysis, he/she defines an action plan that encompasses 4 areas :

  • Occupational health / occupational safety : risk prevention, limiting absenteeism and reducing psychosocial risks.

  • Employee support : skills management, implementation of training plans, workstation enhancement, career management and internal mobility

  • Well-being in the workplace : fostering a climate of trust, a positive corporate culture, organization of internal team bonding events and team building activities, etc.

  • Labour law : conducting social dialogue, social law, monitoring legal and regulatory obligations, administrative management of staff, social inventory…

Who are the Chief Happiness Officer registered on
29 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Chief Happiness Officer.
Junior €386
Intermediary €554
Confirmed €640

What skills does a Chief Happiness Officer need to master?

A freelance chief happiness officer listens to your employees. Using his/her analytical and synthesis skills, he/she establishes the needs of employees and defines the resources required to improve their quality of life at work. His/her sense of organization and rigour are important for implementing effective projects. His/her personality and excellent interpersonal skills facilitate relationships with both employees and management.

He/she has managerial skills and is effective in steering operations related to the management of jobs and skills. He/she acts both as a mediator, a unifying force and a communicator. He/she knows how to manage employees and find the right words to address new projects.

He/she is proficient in labour law, social legislation, adopts a forward-looking approach to the management of jobs and skills and continuously monitors the relevant regulations. He/she has full control of office tools for project management and actions follow-up.

In which project is a Chief Happiness Officer involved?

Projects involving a freelance chief happiness officer include supporting employees during change implementation and managing social relations internally and externally, ensuring health and safety at work and that labour law is properly applied. He/she has a positive and solid impact that enables employees to thrive and work under optimum conditions.

How to choose a Chief Happiness Officer?

Freelance chief happiness officers all have their own unique personality. This directly influences how they work and communicate with your employees. When you make the appointment, you need to clearly define your objectives and make sure you share the same vision as the prospective freelance chief happiness officer.

Your freelance may specialise in a particular field (health and safety at work, workstation enhancement, team building or labour law). His/her skills must be tailored to your needs.