Cloud Computing engineer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance cloud computing engineer is responsible for storing, securing and managing your company’s IT data in virtual spaces called the cloud.

This virtual data specialist supports you in accessing and deploying your data on servers external to the company in a virtual machine and facilitates their consultation by your employees.

The freelance cloud computing engineer carries out an internal audit and defines with each company department, the specific needs in terms of the cloud platform. He/she draws up precise specifications that include the choice of cloud platforms, the access rights and restrictions applicable to the various users, the relevant functionalities to be used, etc. he/she presents the cloud computing project to management and then implements the recommended solutions.

He/she ensures that the tools work properly and can train your employees in the various types of cloud. He/she performs maintenance and manages the follow-up with your teams.

He/she works with directors, service providers, hosts and access providers on the different platforms.

Who are the Cloud Computing engineer registered on
41 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Cloud Computing engineer.
Junior €448
Intermediary €732
Confirmed €640

What skills does a Ingénieur cloud computing need to master?

The freelance cloud computing engineer is an IT expert. He/she must have full control of SAAS solutions (dematerialized services present on the Internet) for managing information systems such as Equinix, MongoDB, Alfresco, Red Hat Cloud Suite, Google Cloud, Azure Windows, etc. There is also online data security software such as Zscaler.

His/her rigour and organizational skills enable him/her to manage a project independently. He/she has good interpersonal skills to train your teams effectively.

In which project is a Cloud Computing engineer involved?

The cloud computing engineer is involved in the creation and management of your information systems on cloud computing platforms. He/she designs a tailor-made offer that meets your information system and datacenter needs and takes into account the data security aspect.

How to choose a Cloud Computing engineer?

In order to select the freelance cloud computing engineer best suited to your project, you must first define whether your needs are for the total creation of a cloud computing system or the relocation of an existing information system/datacenter to a virtual data system. Depending on your expectations, you can select a freelance profile that is more apt at creating or maintaining the company's cloud. 

The size of your organization means selecting a profile with the skills needed to deploy a project on a scale suited to your business. You can review the previous references of your freelance on the Coworkees platform.

Your freelance cloud computing engineer should feel at ease with the working methodologies best suited to your work teams.