Communication consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance communications consultant is responsible for defining your communications strategy, taking into account your company's budget and universe.

He executes communication projects that define your company's positioning strategy following an analysis of your brand and market (target, messages, communication objectives, customer promise, etc.). He defines the communications media and the marketing actions to be implemented. He discovers the ideas that will make your company stand out in an increasingly competitive environment.

This communications expert works with many other professionals in the digital and print sector (graphic designer, digital consultant, artistic director, community manager, printers, journalists…).

Who are the Communication consultant registered on
32 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Communication consultant.
Junior €314
Intermediary €497
Confirmed €464

What skills does a Consultant en communication need to master?

A freelance communications consultant is very versatile, a real all-rounder (press, digital, print, non-media resources, events, etc.). He is proficient in the professional communications vocabulary and carries out in-depth analysis for your project. He constantly monitors communications and marketing trends.

Highly creative, he discovers ideas that will enhance your brand image. Adapting easily to your company, he is able to manage stress during communications campaigns. With exacting standards and organisational skills, he can implement your projects within your budget and on time.

He is comfortable with teamwork and management of in-house/external resources. He is proficient in English, which allows him to work on original language software and deal with international players.

In which project is a Communication consultant involved?

A freelance communications consultant works in many areas: global communications, crisis management on social networks, public/press relations, email campaigns, events management, customer experience, natural referencing, etc. 

From data analysis to the deployment of communication media, he may work on a number of communications projects.

How to choose a Communication consultant?

A freelance communications consultant may specialise in digital or print media. Communications consultants are like Swiss knives, so you need to make sure your freelancer has the skills you need to carry out your project. 

Soft skills are very important when choosing your freelancer. Responsible for communications media, which will be directly visible to your customers, he must be in tune with the brand image and values that you wish to project.