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The mission of a freelance consultant is to work within a company in different sectors of activity to analyse and solve one-off problems. His/her advisory missions concern both junior and senior staff.

The role of freelance consultant can be general or specific. Here, we discuss the roles of marketing consultant, communication consultant, IT consultant, and organisation consultant. In contrast to a project manager, a freelance consultant acts as a one-off service provider with access to operational aspects who is tasked to resolve a defined problem.

Whether a generalist or specialist, the freelance consultant relies on an expert assessment process that meets specific standards. To accomplish his/her mission, he/she analyses your needs and expectations and then makes a preliminary diagnosis. He/she then defines the human and financial resources needed and sets up the necessary monitoring indicators. He/she then prepares and deploys the scenario that best meets your expectations.

Who are the Consultant registered on
43 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Consultant.
Junior €502
Intermediary €596
Confirmed €642

What skills does a Consultant need to master?

Typically graduating from a top-ranking university or engineering institute, the freelance consultant has gained full mastery of numerous technical skills with a view to improving the performance of your company. As the initiator of true change management driving increased agility within the organisational structures in which he/she is called to operate, the freelance consultant needs excellent customer relations skills and significant human capital to effectively convey his/her ideas. 

His/her consulting business makes him/her an expert in his/her field of predilection - for example - marketing, information technology, digital conversion, prospecting… and he/she must actively monitor his/her field in order to stay at the leading edge.

In which project is a Consultant involved?

A freelance consultant intervenes to resolve an issue that you are unable to resolve internally. He/she can also contribute to shedding light on more complex global situations not created by any one specific issue. He/she can help you, through his/her diagnosis, to clarify the situation by posing the right questions and offering solutions.

How to choose a Consultant?

To find the freelance consultant that meets your expectations, you must first define your needs and the associated goals. Short-list several candidates based on their previous experiences and human qualities.

The success of the consulting mission is closely correlated with the working relationship you form with your freelance consultant, which is why it is important to try to meet them in person to check that you are compatible and get on well.