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A freelance writer is responsible for writing unique and relevant content. He writes and rewords texts to provide readers with high-quality content.

Initially, a freelance copywriter begins by searching for information on the topic in question. He will try to find the right semantics, depending on the target audience. Following his research, he approaches the writing phase and provides content that is pleasant to read, while adapting it to the sector and his client’s request.

His texts must meet the expectations of his client, particularly in terms of the number of words. A copywriter structures his writing by putting the paragraphs on the page.

Who are the Copywriter registered on
31 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Copywriter.
Junior €181
Intermediary €316
Confirmed €294

What skills does a Rédacteur need to master?

A freelance copywriter uses the relevant writing rules: he knows how to use clear and concise language, a good ability to summarise. This allows him to produce information for readers and make the text interesting, while avoiding plagiarism.

A freelance copywriter is perfectly suited to the language in which he writes: his vocabulary is extensive, he knows the rules of syntax and has good spelling.

He is very curious and well educated which enables him to write on various subjects.

In which project is a Copywriter involved?

Integrated into your marketing strategy, he will write content suited to your needs.

A freelance copywriter produces content for product sheets, the pages of a site/blog, commercial brochures, press releases, etc.

A copywriter can also rewrite and proofread your texts in order to make them more fluid and optimal.

How to choose a Copywriter?

A freelance copywriter is able to write on any subject. Knowledge of your industry is a real plus.

You can see examples of his previous articles or ask him to take a writing test to make sure his writing style matches your expectations.