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A Proofreader goes in search of your mistakes and is essential for making the form and content of your copy faultless!

A freelance Proofreader’s job is to optimise the written texts of professional copywriters prior to their publication. Public writers, journalists, translators, communications managers or web editors trust his eye expert to spot the slightest spelling mistake, wrong comma, punctuation, bad grammar or the right tense in their paper or digital manuscripts.

Working mainly in the world of publishing and printing, a professional Proofreader controls the formatting (chapters, table of contents, fonts, tabs…) of the text, in accordance with the editorial line and by applying typographical rules. He also checks for consistency of content and in the references or information cited (sources, dates, historical and scientific data, citations…).

Finally, a Proofreader may be asked to rewrite copy, to improve the quality of writing and language of a text by reformulating phrases and restructuring certain paragraphs, whilst respecting the writer's original style and intention. This in-depth proofreading/editing is mostly necessary for foreign authors writing in French.

Who are the Corrector/re-reader registered on
32 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Corrector/re-reader.
Junior €174
Intermediary €228
Confirmed €251

What skills does a Correcteur - Relecteur need to master?

A Proofreader has a strong literary training and is often the holder of a Voltaire certificate, evidence of great mastery of the French language, and the rules of spelling, grammar and verb conjugation. He or she is perfectly au fait with the typographical rules for written communication and knows how to use computer and text processing tools.

An independent Proofreader has a good overall education and is very open minded, enabling him to adapt to the constraints of each of his customers.

In which project is a Corrector/re-reader involved?

An independent professional Proofreader works on a project and corrects documents intended for print or digital media of any type such as novels, articles, practical guides, theses, dictionaries, or even notices.

Some Proofreaders are specialised in correcting texts written in Braille or in a foreign language.

How to choose a Corrector/re-reader?

Taking the time to choose the right Proofreader is important. In fact, his life-skills (or soft skills), such as his rigour and adaptability, are fundamental for a relationship of trust and a high quality collaboration.

In addition, your freelance Proofreader should be governed by high professional ethics and have a deep respect for the original texts that you entrust to him.