Creative facilitator

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance creative facilitator supports your employees during creative meetings to help them develop their ideas and facilitate problem management and goal setting. He/she provides a framework for leading debates and gives meaning to all the topics tackled. He/she provides tools and methodologies for collective creativity and facilities exchanges. In particular, he/she seeks to make the meeting subjects highly "visual", to provide a simplified and schematic view of the projects. 

This idea management specialist succeeds in federating various employees around the project. He/she encourages group decision-making through a dynamic and stimulating approach when considering new creative avenues.

He/she incorporates the company’s dynamics and uses leverage to promote the success of projects. He/she seeks a fresh perspective to present to your employees and encourages them to envisage new solutions through a creative and innovative approach.

Who are the Creative facilitator registered on
41 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Creative facilitator.
Junior €330
Intermediary €640
Confirmed €687

What skills does a Facilitateur en créativité need to master?

The freelance creativity facilitator uses many methodologies and creativity techniques. He/she employs idea facilitation protocols: contextualisation and objectives, the creation of ideas and deployment of solutions. He/she uses agile methods to provide solutions that contribute to the well-being of employees at work and improves the quality of life in the workplace.

Thanks to his/her ability to synthesise plus excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, he/she effectively directs creative group work. The freelance creativity facilitator seeks to federate people around a project and has good leadership skills plus a flexible methodological approach. He/she communicates by adapting to the working environment of your business.

In which project is a Creative facilitator involved?

The freelance creativity facilitator participates in leading creative meetings, brainstorming sessions, company seminars or during team building exercise to fulfil a wide range of needs:

  • Fostering Creativity Management and the presentation of ideas in line with the challenges facing the business (standing out in the market, developing new products/services, etc.)

  • Facilitating teamwork and collective intelligence through dialogue and methodology

Bringing employees together and creating a tightly-knit team to tackle joint projects, contributing to the development of a positive and stimulating corporate culture.

How to choose a Creative facilitator?

The working methodology of each facilitator is unique and different. This freelance professional contributes his/her vision and expertise stemming from both skills acquired and personal experiences. Do not hesitate to discuss the project in advance to check that the techniques used by your freelance creativity facilitator are appropriate for your work teams.