CRM consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A CRM (Customer relationship management) Consultant uses information systems and analyses the data collected in order to improve your customer relationship management. 

His commercial project management skills allow him to analyse the specific characteristics of your company (services/products, customers, market, supply chain, etc.) using his CRM tools, come up with potential technical improvements and to disseminate them among the sales teams. A true specialist in a customer’s journey, his aim is to win your customers’ loyalty and bring new ones on board. He supports you during your strategic development projects. 

He uses his expertise and analytical skills to extract customer-oriented solutions from these information systems. In particular, he defines the sourcing you need to improve your customer relations tools.

Who are the CRM consultant registered on
42 year of average age
9 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance CRM consultant.
Junior €454
Intermediary €694
Confirmed €609

What skills does a Consultant CRM need to master?

A freelance CRM Consultant specialises in the use of software packages for information system management (Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.). 

The strategic position of a freelance CRM Consultant requires him to be responsive in his action monitoring and reporting. Through a variety of competitive monitoring methodologies and strong marketing experience, he stays abreast of all the latest business strategy news. 

After analysing the results of the information systems, he proceeds to draft specifications to be sent to the sales teams. His interpersonal skills enable him to be a competent trainer for these agents and to more easily convince them to accept the new commercial actions to be implemented.

In which project is a CRM consultant involved?

A freelance CRM Consultant may work within your marketing and sales department on projects to develop your customer relationships. The consultant is involved at various stages of a business project: for opening up to a new market, positioning an offer or adapting a commercial proposal.

How to choose a CRM consultant?

We have are a multitude of freelance CRM consultant profiles. Their training and experience can vary greatly. You can check whether your CRM consultant’s approach is in line with your business project. It is easier for your consultant to adopt the relevant strategy and work effectively if they know and are well versed in your business sector, your products/services. 

Selection of your freelance CRM consultant must be a rigorous process, as the basis of your business strategy. Together with him, define the project, its duration and feasibility according to your business development criteria. 

Keen interpersonal skills and a good team spirit will enable your specialist CRM consultant to be well integrated into your sales teams.