Customer Service Manager

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The role of the freelance Customer Service Manager is to develop your customers' satisfaction and loyalty rate. To achieve his tasks, its field of action is multiple, he intervenes on the follow-up of orders, the recording and management of complaints or the realization of satisfaction surveys.

An essential element of any company, the freelance Customer Service Manager is in charge of transmitting the best possible brand image to your B to B or B to C customers.

Who are the Customer Service Manager registered on
32 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Customer Service Manager.
Junior €150
Intermediary €419
Confirmed €281

What skills does a Responsable Service Client need to master?

The freelance Customer Service Manager is an excellent communicator both with the company's employees and with customers. In addition, it is essential that he has a very good organizational skills to manage several projects at the same time. The freelance Customer Service Manager has extensive marketing knowledge and can quickly adapt to your company's products and services.

He is also proficient in many CRM and office automation software. Leading to work in an emergency, he knows how to manage pressure and stress. In addition, he must be equipped with a good analytical and reactive spirit.

In which project is a Customer Service Manager involved?

The freelance Customer Service Manager is involved in setting up a customer service department within your company. He can also work with your departments to bring about a better organization while keeping as a main objective the satisfaction of your customers.

How to choose a Customer Service Manager?

To choose your freelance Customer Service Manager correctly, it is important that you check his previous experiences and discuss with him his vision of customer service. You must be in adequacy on this point because it is he who will be led to represent your brand to your customers.

In addition, in order to facilitate its integration and the knowledge of your products and services, it may be useful for the freelance Customer Service Manager you select to have previous experience or a good knowledge of your business sector.