Cyber security expert

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A cyber security expert has an important role in data protection and securing the IT system. He analyses network reliability and defines IT security rules.

He supports companies in protecting every infrastructure threatened by hackers. To ensure network security, he first installs the system architecture. Then, thanks to various methods of cryptography, he makes the information unintelligible to anyone who is not the intended recipient.

A freelance cyber security expert then simulates attacks and performs intrusion tests in order to identify weaknesses and improve digital security. He detects and analyses the risks and the cyber-attacks the company may be subjected to and handles incidents. He continuously improves the level of data security to prevent software and operating systems from being vulnerable.

Who are the Cyber security expert registered on
37 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Cyber security expert.
Junior €656
Intermediary €756
Confirmed €607

What skills does a Expert cyber sécurité need to master?

A freelance cyber security expert is generally an IT expert specialising in information systems.

In particular, he is proficient in the various languages and operating systems as well as cryptology.

He is also a curious person, highly responsive and up to date.

In which project is a Cyber security expert involved?

Whatever the type and volume of data your business generates, it is important to protect it against all intrusions and attacks: this includes secure online payment, managing your customers’ information or any other private information.

How to choose a Cyber security expert?

Regardless of his level of experience as a cyber security expert, he must already have a background as a security engineer or analyst, which are the keys to improving digital security.

It is important that the cyber security expert gets on with the various members of your team as he will have to deal with them on a regular basis. An interview by telephone or on your premises is recommended.