Data scientist

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance data scientist is THE specialist in large-scale data processing - big data.

With the company, he/she defines the research and analysis of the data to be carried out, while addressing the issues forming the subject-matter of your project. He/she gathers information on customers, prospects, the market, sales, and then processes the information and presents it in summary format to facilitate understanding.

The strength of the data scientist is the ability design new analysis models and algorithms that make it possible to process complex data (machine learning), which cannot be analysed using conventional database management tools (BDD).

He/she contributes his/her data expertise on data and converts big data to data that can be used directly for the company's strategy, that is smart data. He/she compiles the information obtained in an information system and designs data warehouses (data storage facilities).

Who are the Data scientist registered on
36 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Data scientist.
Junior €363
Intermediary €611
Confirmed €609

What skills does a Data scientist need to master?

The data scientist is a specialist in statistical and computer analyses. He/she is proficient in harvesting tools for databases (Mysql, SAP Hana, Microsoft Sql) and information system management (Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk). He/she combines his/her analytical skills with his/her marketing knowledge to collect the data most relevant to the firm’s development. His/her customer-based focus ensures that he/she has a real understanding of the company's problems.

He/she has exacting standards and is well organised throughout the project. He/she is passionate about data and statistical analysis. He/she ensures compliance with the confidentiality rules; the data that he/she processes may be sensitive or confidential.

In which project is a Data scientist involved?

The freelance data scientist works with your managers and contributes expertise on your big data and provides concrete digital solutions to support you when making strategic decisions. To classify your customers, analyse your market, study your sales or manage your internal data, your data scientist will help you collect, analyse and process big data.

How to choose a Data scientist?

The selection of your data scientist will depend on the specialisation you need to collect your data. He/she may be attached to your marketing, digital, financial, HR department, etc. Check his/her their specialisation to make sure the profile matches your company’s needs. His/her command of English is of fundamental importance. His/her must have strong interpersonal relations skills because he/she submits the results of the research to the various managers of your company's departments. 

He/she must be familiar with and have full control of the databases and information systems you use to work effectively. Required to work with the technical project manager, statisticians, the different departments or in addition, the data analyst, he/she must share your company's vision.