Database administrator

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

Whether it is bank data, a product catalogue or a customer file, a freelance database administrator is the person who guarantees the proper functioning and availability of the data. 

He ensures the data is backed up (backup), and is in charge of data security and restoration.

The role of a freelance database administrator is to ensure the IT security, quality and reliability of the company's data management systems.

A freelance database administrator is not involved in the creation of data. He researches the choice of software, builds the architecture and the environment and is responsible for the configuration and system security. 

At the production level, he ensures that the servers are available and ensures the backup and storage of data. He has oversight of errors, even when on-call, and contacts the appropriate department once the problem has been identified.

A freelance database administrator is in constant interaction with developers, technical support, project managers and IT managers in order to optimise requests, rewrite codes and simplify data access and processing.

Who are the Database administrator registered on
38 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Database administrator.
Junior €427
Intermediary €567
Confirmed €383

What skills does a Administrateur de BDD need to master?

A freelance database administrator has proficiency in indexing tools, programming, query languages and the operating environment for software such as MySql, Exchange, PostegreSQL, Oracle database, for which he may have obtained certification.

A freelance administrator must quickly get to know a company, its business sector, its services and its identity. He has an acute analytical ability, is curious and constantly monitors technological developments.

In which project is a Database administrator involved?

A freelance database administrator is involved in setting up the architecture of your system. He can also migrate and virtualise your data using cloud computing. In production, he steps in in the event of errors, proposes improvements and ensures the backup and restoration of your data.

How to choose a Database administrator?

A freelance database administrator must master all the languages and systems used in your company. 

It is best to talk to him to clearly explain your objectives and determine his experience.