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Employing an Interior Decorator will gain you valuable time to decorate your workspace and create the atmosphere that you want.

A freelance Interior Decorator’s job is to advise and to estimate the cost of decorating and creating a harmonious atmosphere for your interior spaces professionals or Private. Whether you want to give your shop the latest “look”, harmonise the decor of your restaurant or create a Zen-like atmosphere in your hallway, he will advise on the right choice of colours, light fixtures, special effects (raised, smooth surfaces, patinas) and decorative accessories (curtains, cushions, paintings, carpets…) to match your style. He will also advise you on the practical furnishings needed for your professional activity.

An Interior Decorator will submit sketches with the “looks” he has in mind for you, as well as colour charts and samples of materials to give you a preliminary idea of how things will look. He will then put together a folder with 2D and 3D plans for the project that you have chosen and will give you an estimate of the cost and duration of the work.

You will then have the choice of carrying out the work yourself or of entrusting him with the work as part of a turn-key project. He will then manage and coordinate the planning and will employ craftsmen to carry out certain tasks (painters, upholsterers, plasterers…).

Finally, he will guide you in your choice of decorative elements to put the final touches to the interior of your new workspace.

Who are the Decorator registered on
32 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Decorator.
Junior €243
Intermediary €304
Confirmed €310

What skills does a Décorateur need to master?

A freelance Interior Decorator is a creative who puts his sense of aesthetics and knowledge of redevelopment and decoration at his customers’ disposal according to their requirements and expectations.

An Interior Decorator can be asked to come up with a new “look” or layout for a living space but cannot undertake structural changes (unlike an architect, who is permitted to work on the structure of a building).

A professional decorator has technical drawing skills and uses computer aided design software to produce bespoke plans (CAD/CAM). He also has a good knowledge of safety standards which need to be complied with in establishments which are open to the public.

Finally, an Interior Decorator's is au fait with all the latest trends and developments in all matters pertaining to style and decoration.

In which project is a Decorator involved?

A freelance Interior Decorator can be involved in the work of decorating and designing, redeveloping or home staging.

A landscape artist, on the other hand, will be involved in the development and enhancement of outdoor spaces.

Finally, an Interior Decorator can perform the role of stage designer and put on a show, a museum experience, an exhibition or any other event.

How to choose a Decorator?

When choosing a good interior decorator, you must take the time to look at his portfolio or his website showing his previous projects.

His human qualities (or soft skills), such as a willingness to listen and openness, are as important as his technical skills.