Designer and manager of newsletter campaigns

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance Newsletter Campaign Designer manages your company's email campaigns. 

Also called an e-mailing project manager, he takes care of all the elements that make up your e-mail campaigns: management of the address portfolio, data collection, construction of the campaign, competitive monitoring, AB testing, sending of e-mails, reference sender, management of undelivered e-mails, follow-up, recommendations, etc.

He must keep the campaign objective at the front of his mind. This may be either to communicate information (company news, product launch) and/or to get the customer to act (to buy products, navigate to the point of sale, commercial prospecting, loyalty programmes, etc.). A freelance Newsletter Campaign Designer must integrate your needs and expectations in order to prioritise information, while respecting the technical constraints associated with e-mailing.

He works in collaboration with the company's various departments to define and build the various sections of the newsletters.

Who are the Designer and manager of newsletter campaigns registered on
31 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Designer and manager of newsletter campaigns.
Junior €268
Intermediary €405
Confirmed €386

What skills does a Concepteur campagne newsletter need to master?

A freelance Newsletter Campaign Designer has solid knowledge of digital marketing and, more particularly, of e-mail marketing. His analytical mind facilitates the handling of information.

He is proficient in HTML coding, database management and monitoring tools (click rate analysis, call to action click-through rates, etc.). He is familiar with the regulations in force and the rules applicable to e-mailing (landing page launch time, e-mail routing conditions, registration form, right to unsubscribe, file location, etc.). He implements automation marketing with software specialised in e-mail campaigns (Aweber, Mailchimp, Sarbacane, Sendinblue, Mailjet).

By applying direct marketing methods, he performs the correct targeting and segmentation of customers. With Google Analytics, he also obtains data which improves the campaign in real time.

In which project is a Designer and manager of newsletter campaigns involved?

A freelance Newsletter Campaign Designer can be integrated into your digital or commercial hub. Working with the Creative Director, the Copywriter and the Marketers, he can make the occasional contribution or work over the long term.

E-mailings campaign projects are varied and can include recurring newsletters, the launch of a new product/service or even commercial prospecting to draw in new customers.

How to choose a Designer and manager of newsletter campaigns?

Your freelance Newsletter Campaign Designer must have a good relationship with the in-house teams. The exchange of information must be fluid; his soft-skills give him a distinct advantage.

His knowledge of your company's business sector is a significant plus. He makes it possible to avoid misunderstandings and can become a creative force for the subjects which need to be dealt with.

His literary style must meet the expectations of the recipients of your campaigns and be consistent with your other communication materials.