UX Designer, Full-stack developer

In the field of IT, a freelance Developer is the professional responsible for the technical production and IT development of websites, applications and software.

Also known as a programmer analyst, a Developer is an expert in IT development. He is responsible for designing and improving software, intranet or internet websites and web applications according to the needs of his customers (companies or individuals) and the chosen technical architecture. This professional writes lines of code to translate the requested functionalities into computer language in order to meet the expectations of customers and internet users.

A Developer works with other professionals such as UX/UI designers (responsible for improving ergonomics and providing a quality user interface for easy use of the site or application) and graphic designers. He can work as a freelance, in a communications agency, in an IT services company or in any company or organisation.

Who are the Developer registered on
39 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Developer.
Junior 251 €

What skills does a Développeur need to master?

A Web Developer usually has a specialisation. This may be:

  • Programming languages such as Java or PHP, 

  • Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, 

  • Frameworks such as Symfony or Angular.

A Software Developer produces computer programmes that will become software or applications for smartphones and tablets. He uses computer development languages such as Python, C++ or Cobol.

Rigorous and precise, a freelance Developer must be fluent in English and have good listening skills, team spirit and a great ability to adapt. Curiosity is the skill most sought after in this group of professionals; it enables a Developer to increase the number of tools available to code solutions.

Although a freelance Developer is fully familiar with the IT field and web technologies, he needs regular training to keep his technical knowledge and skills up to date.

In which project is a Developer involved?

A developer can manage a project from design to production. He identifies the best technical solutions for the projects for which he is responsible and is in charge of writing the code. Once the test phases have been validated, he produces the documentation for installation and use of the software or application. He is also responsible for technical support in the event of a bug. A Developer may carry out this work wholly or in part in collaboration with other developers.

How to choose a Developer?

Choosing the right Developer is essential to correctly develop functionalities on a website or in an application. It is important to check his references and establish a dialogue with him in order to have a better understanding of his qualifications and experiences. Finally, by clearly explaining your objectives, you will be in a position to know whether he understands your project.