Digital project manager

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The main mission of a freelance digital project manager is to coordinate all webmarketing and digital communication operations with the aim of supporting the company in its digital conversion or evolution

After conducting a needs analysis, his/her role is to draw up the functional specifications and the editorial line for your corporate digital strategy. He/she defines the implementation time-frame to ensure all project deadlines are met

The freelance digital project manager is required to work in a team notably with a web project manager, a developer, a webmaster, a referencing company... For optimum project management he/she also defines the monitoring tools.

Who are the Digital project manager registered on
38 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Digital project manager.
Junior €393
Intermediary €677
Confirmed €551

What skills does a Chef de projet digital need to master?

Totally at ease in a digital environment, the freelance digital project manager must gain total mastery of numerous skills. To ensure the success of the overall corporate digital strategy, he/she must be an expert in webdesign, website ergonomics, wireframes and internet marketing

So your freelance digital project manager can support you in building up a strong e-reputation. He/she requires excellent knowledge of natural referencing and affiliation and can also take on the role of Community Manager.

For interaction with the other players in your project team, the freelance digital project manager should have an inquiring mind plus sound technical knowledge of the skills of the various players (Java, J2EE, etc.).

In which project is a Digital project manager involved?

You can call on a freelance digital project manager to kick-start the digital conversion of your business. He/she may also be called in to rework existing tools. Your freelance digital project manager will help you build up a strong e-reputation, while liaising between all the different players contributing to your project.

How to choose a Digital project manager?

A good freelance digital project manager possesses a good mix of hard and soft skills. Make sure he/she has the technical skills to facilitate information exchange with programmers and/or developers.

Your freelance digital project manager is the true orchestra conductor of your digital project so it is vital that you can communicate easily with him/her. Do not hesitate to arrange a meeting with him/her to check that you are compatible and that you feel he/she will effectively manage your teams and/or outsourced service providers.