Digital Specialist

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance Digital Specialist supports you throughout your global digital strategy. A great fan of new technologies and social media, he is proficient in all digital creative tools and is a specialist for your digital needs.

A pioneer and always on the lookout for new digital features, he works with the marketing and communication departments to develop your digital visibility. He strives to bring a clear identity (branding) to your brand.

Who are the Digital Specialist registered on
32 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Digital Specialist.
Junior €279
Intermediary €592
Confirmed €533

What skills does a Digital Specialist need to master?

A freelance Digital Specialist has a very wide range of skills. He is familiar with digital data analysis tools that facilitate natural referencing (SEO: use of Google Analytics) and paid referencing (SEA: use of Google Adword). He deploys an Inbound marketing strategy by producing quality content (Blog, posts, etc.). Through your articles, future customers will be able to discover your brand on search engines thanks to the relevant form of referencing. 

He uses his knowledge of social networks as prospecting, loyalty-building and strategic intelligence tools. He focuses on the user experience and the customer journey, and makes them intuitive.

A freelance Digital Specialist has a significant capacity for analysis and adaptation to the digital world. He keeps an eye out for technological developments in new web practices. 

As the head of a digital team, he must have good interpersonal skills, succeed in uniting his team and clarifying his project vision.

In which project is a Digital Specialist involved?

A freelance Digital Specialist may perform various roles within your digital strategy. 

He may manage the project independently and be your digital specialist.

He may be the project coordinator. He then manages other web specialists to maintain consistency throughout the digital chain (communication manager, marketing manager, digital project manager, Community Manager, web developer, web content writer, etc.). 

Finally, he may act as a consultant. He is specifically responsible for deploying the digital strategy in the global Marketing Plan.

A freelance Digital Specialist directs you towards the digitalisation of your brand, for a business development requirement (E-Business policy), the building and development of your web communication tools (website, mobile applications, social networks, communication, etc.).

How to choose a Digital Specialist?

The role of Digital Specialist is very recent, and its definition is relatively broad. We have a number of profiles, each with a variety of skills. Be clear about your expectations and make sure your freelancer has the right skills for your project. 

Whether you need consulting, management or overall management, you are likely to favour a somewhat managerial or executive profile.