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The freelance DJ is responsible for musical programming and its animation during a professional event.

He/she defines with you the relevant playlists to be used, adapted to the ambiance of your event. He/she works behind the turntables on the mixing desk, so he/she can quickly change mood as the event unfolds. He/she creates the sound-mix and ensures the tracks of the compilation are played in sequence.

Depending on your project, he/she can also work on the lighting and launch the activities that take place during your event.

Who are the DJ registered on
25 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance DJ.
Junior €321
Intermediary €312
Confirmed €314

What skills does a DJ need to master?

The DJ keeps abreast of current music trends. He/she must possess a good musical ear and be able to stay focused during long sessions. 

He/she must be rigorous in respecting the highlights of your event, often accompanied by music that will emphasize your introductions and speeches. 

His/her interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team are fundamental.

In which project is a DJ involved?

The freelance DJ is responsible for your musical entertainment needs during your ceremonies, galas, corporate evenings, at an internal and/or external event, etc.

How to choose a DJ?

To choose your DJ, it's important that you feel empathy with the freelance you are interested in using for your event. Define the highlights of the evening, the type of guests, the desired musical atmosphere and then work together to ensure the impact of your various presentations. 

Your DJ can be proactive, depending on your needs, he/she can lead the event, the launch or event announcing a change in your business, so you must trust him/her and check that he/she is capable of performing the mission assigned. His/her level of experience can help you define the right profile for you, particularly in terms of stress management.