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A chief draughtsman is responsible for simplifying and implementing work on a site or any industrial production. He creates a bridge between architects/engineers and the various stakeholders by translating the diagrams provided into working drawings. These technical documents contain all the specifics of the project and can be used directly by technical staff.

He is the intermediary between the plans drawn up by architects or designers and the reality on the ground. He can adapt the works according to the feedback of key employees who will confirm whether they are feasible or not.

He takes into account the technical constraints and any regulations in force which relate to production.

Who are the Draftsman registered on Freelance.com?
38 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Draftsman.
Junior €193
Intermediary €303
Confirmed €274

What skills does a Dessinateur-projeteur need to master?

A freelance chief draughtsman must have technical knowledge and skills related to the various types of materials and activities: sheet metalwork, reinforcement, reinforced concrete, pipework, insulation, technical materials; electronic components, industrial parts, etc.

He is proficient in CAD industrial production software (Autocad software, Solidworks design software, etc.). 

A true expert, he has exacting standards and is very methodical in his work. He has significant managerial skills and works effectively within a team. He thus manages to direct the various players in an efficient manner. He adapts quickly to unexpected events that may occur during the execution phase.

In which project is a Draftsman involved?

A freelance chief draughtsman works on many types of projects: buildings, exhibition halls, the aeronautical sector, civil engineering, industry, product development, etc.

How to choose a Draftsman?

The scale of your project may require you to select a fairly expert chief draughtsman, with experience and many projects already to his credit. Do not hesitate to consult your architect or designer before selecting the profile you are interested in in order to check that he will correctly interpret the project.