Drone driver

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance drone operator is a licensed pilot specialising in flying drones, remotely controlled motor-driven flying devices. The device can be equipped with professional cameras, surveillance systems, object transport systems, measuring devices, etc.

The emerging profession of freelance drone operator is relevant to audiovisual production, aeronautics, civil aviation, transport companies, construction, civil security, etc.

During the project, the pilot uses a flight file that contains the technical data, the flight plan and the legal restrictions related to the use of the drone (legislation of the flight zones, filming and broadcasting conditions in the event of taking shots, etc.).

He/she establishes the take-off and landing protocols. During the flight, the drone operator carries out his/her mission paying attention to the flight time and weather conditions. He/she drafts documents tracking the characteristics of the flight as soon as it is completed.

Who are the Drone driver registered on Freelance.com?
31 year of average age
4 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Drone driver.
Junior €379
Intermediary €432
Confirmed €469

What skills does a Droniste need to master?

The drone operator must demonstrate significant concentration and rigour during the flight project. The profession is subject to many formal rules and regulations (flight authorizations and permits, piloting practices) that leave little room for hesitation; professional drones are expensive and can be dangerous. He/she must demonstrate initiative, agility and precision to react quickly to hazards during the flight. The ability to cope with stress is paramount.

In audiovisual productions, the freelance drone operator also requires creative ability, a sense of direction and of cinematographic composition.

In which project is a Drone driver involved?

The freelance drone operator can meet your needs for aerial photography, as part of audiovisual production, to take measurements in topography, thermography, photogrammetry, mapping, or to meet transport, video surveillance requirements etc. The drone is becoming a truly effective aerial working tool for professional or public bodies.

How to choose a Drone driver?

Check with your freelance that he/she has equipment suited to your actual needs (function and weight, recording for audio/video productions in full HD or not, stabilization system, etc.).

You can request his/her pilot's licence if he/she uses professional drones. He/she must have both theoretical and practical training. 

Regarding audiovisual productions, you can view previous work by the freelance drone operator. For other areas, his/her professional references are available on our platform to guide you to a profile with the required experience.