Email consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance messaging consultant installs and configures your internal and external online professional messaging system.

This professional conducts an internal audit of your email tools. He/she questions you about your expectations and draws up technical specifications for the solutions to be deployed.

He/she defines:

  • the messaging solutions to be used (paying or open source)

  • the creation of e-mail accounts, from the e-mail address book 

  • the user protocols

  • Securing information (antivirus, antispam, restrictions and authorisations for connections,) 

  • Storage of the contents of e-mail boxes in digital data centres.

  • technical support

He/she then deploys the selected solution. The freelance messaging consultant trains your teams in using the new tools.

He/she also manages the maintenance of the messaging platform and the monitoring and satisfactory operation of the tools. He/she adapts the solutions depending on any modifications and updates requested. He/she constantly monitors the technology so he/she can suggest pertinent improvement priorities.

Who are the Email consultant registered on
38 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Email consultant.
Junior €148
Intermediary €359
Confirmed €381

What skills does a Consultant Messagerie need to master?

The freelance messaging consultant generally has an engineering qualification guaranteeing control of the required technical and functional skills. He/she is an expert in the deployment of email systems such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft exchange server, Zimbra, Web access, Thunderbird, Red hat AMQ, etc. 

Thanks to his/her adaptive and analytical capabilities, he/she finds the solution best suited to your needs. His/her rigour and organizing skills ensure an excellent standard of project management. 

Possessing strong interpersonal skills he/she is a good communicator who can efficiently train your employees on the systems he/she proposes.

In which project is a Email consultant involved?

The freelance messaging consultant provides advice on your messaging tools. He/she may be involved in creating a new messaging platform or a project to clean up your tools. He/she can install systems for securing your data, or intervene urgently if viruses are found on your professional email systems. He/she can support the work of your security consultant, IT consultant or digital engineer.

How to choose a Email consultant?

Do you have ideas concerning the email services you need? Check that the freelance messaging consultant profile you are looking at is familiar with the tools you want to set up. Some messaging consultants specialise in large or small organizations. Define the project together and check the skills and knowledge of your freelance are those you need.

He/she must train your teams on the ground - so select a profile suited to your teams for optimum results.