Engineer, IT and Robotics Project Manager

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance computer and robotics engineer designs and optimizes robotic and computer systems for your business.

He/she can work on various programmable robotic and IT systems:

  • Company robotics/IT (embedded IT, software applications, systems and networks, automation systems, artificial intelligence, connected objects, etc.)

  • Industrialization Robotics (industrial robots, automated systems, industrial networks, industrial production chain, etc.)

  • Service robotics (robot assistants, drones, handling and cybersecurity/monitoring robots)

In particular, he/she can work on the instrumentation of a robotic tool. He/she receives your brief, analyses your needs and resources and defines and compiles the project specifications. In agreement with your business, he/she then integrates the solutions identified internally (company production, support tools, information systems, etc.) or externally (customer platform, artificial intelligence, connected products, etc.) and can prepare the technical documentation relevant to your project. He/she programmes robotic and computer systems using specific programming languages (C, C++, Python, etc.).

He/she generally supervises a team federating a wide variety of professionals: developer, IT engineer, development engineer, analyst, designer, design engineer, programmer, system engineer, maintenance technician, etc.

Who are the Engineer, IT and Robotics Project Manager registered on
41 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Engineer, IT and Robotics Project Manager.
Junior €332
Intermediary €623
Confirmed €559

What skills does a Ingénieur, chef de projet informatique et robotique need to master?

The freelance IT and robotics freelance project manager engineer has full control of computer languages (C, C++, Python, etc.) and systems development for robotics and automation systems (Proteus, Robotstudio, ROS, etc.).

Able to perform his/her tasks independently, he/she is rigorous and has strong organizational skills to carry out his/her project from start to finish and can cope with high stress levels. Passionate about new technologies, his/her extensive digital and IT culture and adaptability ensure that he/she will identify best solution to your problem.

He/she must be comfortable working in a team and able to express himself/herself effectively, both in writing and orally - in French and English. He/she is a good teacher who effectively manages his/her project employees.

In which project is a Engineer, IT and Robotics Project Manager involved?

The freelance computer and robotics project manager engineer can act in many areas inside or outside the company. In particular, he/she can:

  • Improve your industrial production system
  • Set up automated systems (information systems, automation, etc.)
  • Propose integrated software (artificial intelligence, robot assistants, etc.)
  • Develop connected objects
  • Etc.

How to choose a Engineer, IT and Robotics Project Manager?

Each freelance computer and robotics project manager engineer is proficient in specific IT and robotics management tools. Your freelance must be familiar with your logistics world and easily integrate his/her work into your production chain.

For the creation of new tools, list your needs in a specification and check the feasibility of your project together with your freelance computer and robotics project manager engineer.

To assess his/her expertise, you can refer to his/her previous achievements or experiences, available on our platform.