Event organizer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance events coordinator runs the various activities and stands offered by your company during trade fairs, conventions and forums for the general public. He/she may also intervene during internal professional events. 

He/she can be incorporated into a B2B or B2C relationship depending on the nature and purpose of your event.

This entertainment professional is managed by the event organiser or the manager of the stand where he/she works. He/she serves as the link between your company and the public and conveys your values. 

The freelance events coordinator participates in upstream preparation of the stand. During the event, he/she is available to the public, to answers their questions and to run the various activities on offer, etc.

Who are the Event organizer registered on Freelance.com?
29 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Event organizer.
Junior €234
Intermediary €423
Confirmed €401

What skills does a Animateur événementiel need to master?

An events coordinator must be dynamic and always smiling. He/she also communicates non-verbally and should have a pleasant personality. He/she must be patient with great powers of endurance since events may last for several hours.

Good interpersonal skills enable the events coordinator to interact positively with members of the public. His/her excellent presentation also contributes to successful interaction with the audience. He/she adapts to the audience of the event, knows how to identify the expectations of your company and manifest them as animations.

In which project is a Event organizer involved?

The events coordinator is involved in the organisation of multiple events: gala evening, corporate birthdays or special evenings, inauguration or product launch evenings, team building initiatives, etc. He/she also works with the general public during the running of stands in forums, conventions, trade fairs, etc.

How to choose a Event organizer?

The soft skills (knowing-how-to-be) of your freelance events coordinator are essential. You must choose the freelance that will capture the attention of your audience and effectively animate your events project. 

The references available on the platform will help you review the experience of your freelances.