Event project manager

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

Trade fairs, company breakfasts, seminars, team building exercises, product launches, company conferences, sporting events… the freelance events project manager, also called the organiser or event manager, is responsible for designing the communication campaign.

After drawing up a specification with the customer, the freelance events project manager makes a proposal on the best scenography to add maximum value to the brand image of the client company.

The freelance events project manager offers a complete package including coordination of the various stages of the event preparation stages and communications plan. He/she also acts as the intermediary between the customer and the various service providers contributing to the project. On the day he/she ensures the smooth running of the event. At the end of the event, he/she analyses the feedback and impacts of the event to confirm customer satisfaction.

Who are the Event project manager registered on Freelance.com?
38 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Event project manager.
Junior €267
Intermediary €427
Confirmed €449

What skills does a Chef de projet événementiel need to master?

Creativity and rigour are the watchwords of a freelance events project manager.

A knowledge of Events Marketing is obviously vital. Required to operate as part of a team, the freelance events project manager needs good interpersonal skills. He/she uses the corporate communication channels to liaise with organisations for effectively conveying messages and meeting the project deadlines.

He/she must be able to withstand stress and react quickly. Team spirit and a determination to achieve perfection are essential when organising events that meet the customer's every expectation. He/she requires total mastering of events techniques, marketing strategy and communication.

In which project is a Event project manager involved?

Once you decide to organise an event with your internal or external partners, for example, a trade fair, team building exercise, product launch evening, corporate breakfast, etc. you can call on the services of a freelance events project manager.

How to choose a Event project manager?

To find the freelance events project manager who meets your every expectation, it is essential that he/she can clearly identify your needs. A solid record of success in the type of event you are planning (sporting, trade show, seminar, etc.) is vital.

Your events can serve as a true lobbying lever bringing you close to your customers and/or prospects. So, ensure that your freelance events project manager will dazzle your customers thanks to his/her creative skills and experience.