Freelance Human Resources Director

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance Human Resources Director (HRD) defines and steers your company's HR strategy. He works independently or joins the HR department to impart his human relations expertise. Human resources covers employment and recruitment, administrative management, monitoring of the payroll, social dialogue, quality of life at work, etc. 

A freelance HRD meets with general management to define the strategy to be adopted for your human resources. As part of his duties, he evaluates and redefines the company's remuneration policy and company benefits in conjunction with the management committee.

He is the ideal trusted partner in the relationship between the various internal/external actors who make up your company.

Who are the Freelance Human Resources Director registered on
36 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Freelance Human Resources Director.
Junior €202
Intermediary €841
Confirmed €571

What skills does a DRH need to master?

A freelance Human Resources Director is versatile in all areas of the HR department: training, career management, accounting, social dialogue, recruitment, etc. He may be required to bring his skills to a particular sector of expertise, according to the needs of the company.

A HRD must also have expertise in employment law, social dialogue and the legal obligations of companies. 

His thoroughness and organisational ability enable him to effectively manage the expectations of both management and employees.

A freelance HRD must be aware of all the company's problems. His leadership and interpersonal skills enable him to establish a relationship of trust with employees, management, social partners, etc.

In which project is a Freelance Human Resources Director involved?

A freelance HRD supports you during various human resources projects: internal mobility, change management, recruitment, drawing up the social balance sheet, payment of employees, etc. 

He is the company's point of contact for all corporate players in the company’s orbit, such as employees, social partners, policies, etc. He is a trusted partner in the development of your HR strategy.

How to choose a Freelance Human Resources Director?

Depending on your human resources project, you may select a generalist freelancer or one who is more specialised in a certain HR field, according to your needs. 

His adaptability to your business sector is a determining factor in your choice of freelance HRD. He must be aware of your challenges and adapt to your request. 

Select a profile that corresponds to the type of management you wish to implement within your teams. It is essential to have a good feeling about your freelance HR Director because he holds a strategic position vis-a-vis the members of your company.