Freelance journalist

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As an independent journalist, this freelance professional is involved in your company's communications via the media or social networks. He collaborates on a number of distribution media and with various clients.

This is the main difference between him and a "classic" journalist, who works for a single publication or channel.

A freelance journalist writes articles for a variety of media (web, radio, TV, etc.). He is paid by the piece. He can wear the hat of a Web Editor, Columnist, Reporter, Community Manager or documentalist. He may also be a press correspondent in collaboration with an editor-in-chief.

Freelance journalists are professional journalists, i.e. holders of a press card. The job category is defined by the national collective labour agreement for journalists. They belong to the National Union of Journalists.

The precarious nature of freelance journalists’s work obliges them to have a large portfolio of customers (mainly publications or broadcasters such as Radio France, Le Dauphiné Libéré or even a YouTube channel).

He may be a writer and will therefore hold copyrights and be affiliated to AGESSA.

Who are the Freelance journalist registered on
42 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Freelance journalist.
Junior €211
Intermediary €253
Confirmed €308

What skills does a Pigiste need to master?

A freelance journalist has a good general education and perfect spelling. One of his main qualities is that he can adapt to the editorial line of his client, while maintaining his own literary style.

He works for the written press and investigative journalism. He is quick, responsive and delivers quality work. He constantly monitors current events. He may have press photography skills.

Although he is not required to have a degree, a freelance journalist has generally attended a school of journalism.

In which project is a Freelance journalist involved?

A freelance journalist is involved in your company's communications. The sort of projects that you can entrust to a freelance journalist include press kits, press releases and public relations. He can also provide you with quality content for your websites and magazines (print or digital).

How to choose a Freelance journalist?

The choice of freelance journalist is important as he will enable you to improve your communications and your brand image.

His writing skills must be combined with a critical and objective mind. He is naturally curious and his professional background enables him to feel at ease around many subjects.

His expertise must be suited to your project so that he fully understands what you request of him.