Game designer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A project to create a video game involves defining an initial concept (game type, target audience), the lead times and a specific budget. A freelance game designer collects his information from the project manager and produces a technical specification (game design document).

Through this document, he defines the gameplay, i.e. the game experience that he wishes to bring to players (game rules, puzzles on different levels, ability to act, interact with the environment, etc.). His aim is to make the game immersive and funny.

He works within a production team composed of programmers, scriptwriters, graphic designers, developers, illustrators, testers, etc. As project manager, he monitors the tests and verifies the smooth running of the operations defined by the game design document (development, hosting, debugging, etc.)

Who are the Game designer registered on
33 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Game designer.
Junior €193
Intermediary €377
Confirmed €311

What skills does a Game designer need to master?

A freelance Game Designer combines his creativity and broad technical knowledge in order to build his project. He is proficient in modelling software and a number of computer programming languages. He has a lot of knowledge of design (sound design, motion design, interfaces...).

His organisation, thoroughness and his ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances enable him to effectively manage the project. His leadership allows him to get his team mates to support the project.  

He knows and loves the video game market. This enthusiast keeps abreast of new technology and the video game industry.

In which project is a Game designer involved?

A freelance game designer can be involved in the creation of a video game intended for the public. This game can be deployed on consoles, be available online or downloadable as an application.

He can also work on developing a serious game, a game that has an educational, informative, marketing, training, etc. purpose and can be deployed in a company.

How to choose a Game designer?

Your freelance Game Designer must have an artistic universe that is suited to your project. His previous achievements will give you an idea of his work.

The personality of your freelancer is a determining factor: he must have the same overall vision as your project team. To successfully develop the game, your freelancer needs to know your brand universe, your customer focus, your previous productions, etc.

He directs development teams verbally and in writing. Good team cohesion is essential, as well as good understanding and transparency during exchanges of information.