Graphic Design and Analysis Engineer

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance image design and analysis engineer specializes in digital imaging. He/she can design, process, convert and retrieve information from an existing image or create one.

This expert in mathematics and computer science can process various types of digital image. His/her scope of operation is broad: medical imaging, photography, cinema, Track&Trace (TNT), mapping, remote surveillance, video surveillance, etc. Many sectors of activity can draw on his/her knowledge of the design and management of digital images.

He/she can also model, using appropriate tools, the signals and imagery that will service your company's research and development department.

He/she generates algorithms that make it possible to read an image efficiently and retrieve important information from it (for example, in radiography, he/she can adjust the software to indicate specific information). He/she may also be called upon to directly model digital images that meet your needs.

Who are the Graphic Design and Analysis Engineer registered on
34 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Graphic Design and Analysis Engineer.
Junior €281
Intermediary €259
Confirmed €257

What skills does a Ingénieur conception et analyse d'images need to master?

The freelance image design and analysis engineer has solid knowledge of electronic and mathematical systems and of physics and information technology. He/she knows how to design algorithms for creating, reading and digitizing images on dedicated development software.

He/she has a sharp sense of analysis and knows how to perfectly transcribe the data he/she processes. He/she is rigorous, organized in his/her work and performs tasks in a methodological manner.

Fluency in profession-related English is mandatory. Both verbally and in writing, your freelance professional must be able to develop his/her work in the international arena and draft technical documents in English.

In which project is a Graphic Design and Analysis Engineer involved?

Image design and analysis are useful in many business sectors: medical, multimedia, automotive, telecomms, etc.

The freelance image design and analysis engineer works in a variety of fields: industrial engineering, mecatronics, thermodynamism, radiological imaging, remote surveillance, etc.

How to choose a Graphic Design and Analysis Engineer?

There is a wide variety of freelance image design and analysis engineer profiles. Select the professional who is familiar with and operates in the areas specific to your project. Do you need to design digital imagery or analyse and process already existing images? Clearly define your needs in specifications and then work with your freelance on the specifics of your project.