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A professional freelance hair stylist creates hairstyles for multiple projects.

He/she can work for the employees of a company, for their appearances within and outside the company (meetings, ceremonies, galas, company meetings, etc.) or for media-related projects (videos, television, photographs, interviews, etc.). He works in particular for company directors, representatives and managers of the various company departments.

He can also deploy his skills in fashion to style mannequins and models. He can also work in the world of cinema to style actors or in collaboration with a photographer during photo shoots.

He studies the personality or the person to be styled, the shape of the face and the image that the person wishes to convey in order to find the cut that best suits them. A hair stylist can produce modern, classic cuts or original, quirky or highly aesthetic styles.

Who are the Hairdresser registered on
26 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Hairdresser.
Junior €306
Intermediary €346
Confirmed €336

What skills does a Coiffeur need to master?

A freelance stylist has significant technical know-how in terms of hairdressing and face shapes. He has a keen sense of aesthetics and monitors current hair trends. He specialises in image and appearance.

He adapts to your request in order to provide a quality, pertinent service to meet the customer’s various requirements. He is patient and very conscientious in his work. He can work under pressure and manages stress effectively.

In which project is a Hairdresser involved?

A freelance hair stylist can step in to style your company’s employees during public events, video or television recordings.

He can also work on audiovisual and cinematographic productions, fashion shows, photo shoots, creating hair styles from the most classic to the most fantastic!

How to choose a Hairdresser?

Depending on the nature of your project, you will need a freelance hair stylist who specialises in standard styling or you can look at more artistic and original profiles.

Examples of previous freelance work can be found on the Coworkees platform and will help you assess the technical level and specialities of your freelancer.