Hand drawings artist

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Thanks to his excellent pencil skills, a freehand illustrator brings to life all ideas by hand. Find the right freelance freehand illustrator to produce your plans and drawings!

A freelance freehand illustrator is a professional who creates drawings including boards, diagrams, sketches or outlines. His role is to transcribe ideas onto paper.

This profession, born out of passion, can be carried out in various fields: press and publishing (cartoonist/illustrator), architecture (building designer, project designer or draughtsman-surveyor), landscape design (landscape designer) comic book (comic book illustrator), advertising (advertising design), industry (industrial illustrator), etc.

Both an artist and a communications professional, a freehand illustrator conveys a message through his drawings. A professional freehand illustrator can offer his services to a communication/advertising agency or publishing house.

Who are the Hand drawings artist registered on Freelance.com?
43 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Hand drawings artist.
Junior €203
Intermediary €292
Confirmed €291

What skills does a Dessinateur à la main need to master?

Creative, imaginative and versatile, a freehand illustrator has a definite aesthetic sense. He is extremely rigorous in creating a unique design style and achieving a high level of realism.

Fine detail and attention to detail are also part of the freehand illustrator's skills. Last but not least, he complies with current drawing standards: standard international A-series formats (A0, A1, A2, etc.) and standard French drawing formats (raisin, demi-raisin, grand aigle, etc.).

In which project is a Hand drawings artist involved?

A freelance freehand illustrator may specialise in technical drawing for medical books and product manuals. A comic book illustrator creates boards, in colour or otherwise, based on a scenario. He may also be required to illustrate newspapers (press drawings for a daily newspaper or caricatures for a satirical newspaper).

A freehand illustrator can take part in a preliminary design for an architectural firm, in collaboration with a works supervisor.
He also uses his skills for the design of fashion products (clothing, accessories).

How to choose a Hand drawings artist?

Some thought should be given to your choice of freelance freehand illustrator; he must be able to convey your ideas. While he may have a degree in applied arts – the School of Fine Arts in particular - you should also take into account his drawing experience and style by taking a look at his portfolio.

By discussing with your freehand illustrator, you can judge whether he is likely to be a creative force for your projects.