HR Consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The role of the freelance human resources consultant is to advise and improve your company's human resources management.

As a true specialist in HR project management, he works with management in the reflection and implementation of managerial practices within your company. He provides, on a turnkey basis, the management tools and methods so that the company becomes autonomous on HR issues following his intervention.

Its fields of action are numerous: recruitment, social relations, GPEC, training, mobility or staff evaluation. It accompanies your employees on issues of reclassification, professional reintegration, mobility or training .

After analysing your needs, the freelance HR consultant draws up a set of specifications containing all the advice and intervention processes. As soon as the management validates the guidelines, the implementation of the means is started. He accompanies the operations that he sets up, checks that they are working properly and also analyses the impact of his actions. He can then propose possible areas for improvement.

Who are the HR Consultant registered on
32 year of average age
5 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance HR Consultant.
Junior €404
Intermediary €590
Confirmed €513

What skills does a Consultant RH need to master?

The freelance HR consultant has extensive expertise in many areas:

  • The world of business, employment and the evolution of professions
  • The training
  • Social law the labour code
  • Taxation

He masters project management, evaluation and analysis of corporate behaviour. He is an excellent facilitator who can manage workshops and promulgate training thanks to his empathy and pedagogy. The freelance HR consultant has excellent analytical skills and a strength of conviction that allows him to unite employees around his projects. His active listening ensures that he understands the real needs of the company.

He quickly designs and disseminates his information thanks to his mastery of office automation tools.

Thanks to his good management of stress and the unexpected, he can bounce back and adapt to changes that may occur. His open-mindedness and creativity ensure that he finds the solution best suited to your request.

In which project is a HR Consultant involved?

The fields of intervention of the freelance HR consultant are numerous. He can accompany you in your managerial management on employment, training, mobility, payroll or staff evaluations. Thanks to his numerous methodologies, he can also bring a soft change management, allow an efficient restructuring of your services or improve the relations and exchanges between employees and management.

How to choose a HR Consultant?

Freelance HR consultants can be generalists or specialists in a specific HR field, so make sure your needs and your freelancer's skills are well matched. References and feedback, available on the freelance profile pages, can help you in your choice.

His adaptability and experience in your sector of activity can guide your choice. A good feeling with your freelancer is essential, he has a strategic position in the evolution of your company's human resources and must therefore become a trusted partner.

Take the time to discover these working methodologies, to appreciate the coherence with your different employees and see if the match is possible.