Human Resource Coach

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance HR coach supports your business during HR change management. He can assist managers in the training and monitoring of their teams or work directly with the individuals in each department. 

Unlike an HR consultant who provides technical solutions based on his or her expertise in a business, a freelance HR coach enables employees to be autonomous when managing issues. 

He helps management and managers to determine the action plan necessary for HR change support. This may involve assisting employees with stress management, time management, speaking, career development, retraining, help with personal development, conflict management, etc.

Who are the Human Resource Coach registered on
38 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Human Resource Coach.
Junior €371
Intermediary €761
Confirmed €585

What skills does a Coach RH need to master?

A freelance HR coach sets out the support requirements and goals by drawing up a contract. He deploys methodologies and tools adapted to the teams’ needs (Ken Wilber’s integral theory, Timothy Gallwey’s inner game, NLP training, personality tests, etc.). He is a real specialist for analysing professional profiles and managing careers.

With excellent listening and support skills, he is constantly learning new management and coaching methods in order to be able to provide expert advice to teams.

In which project is a Human Resource Coach involved?

For all significant changes within your company (restructuring of the working environment, retraining, conflicts, etc.), the assistance of a freelance HR Coach can help management and managers to find the key to supporting employees during HR change management.

As part of a training plan, your company may decide to employ a freelance HR coach to directly support your departments during learning validation, career management and career development.

How to choose a Human Resource Coach?

Each freelance HR coach has his own support methodology. Depending on the specific characteristics of your work environment, build a project, define the objectives and length of coaching needed. 

Your freelance HR coach is your trusted partner. Take the time to discover his personality, his vision of coaching and make sure you are in agreement regarding the type of coaching you want. He is often required to handle sensitive data, and must comply with professional ethics and a code of ethics.