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A freelance illustrator translates an idea into images using his graphic talent. His task is to interpret the vision and context of a concept and transform it into a visual work. 

Self-taught or an art school graduate, a freelance illustrator deploys his graphic universe and adapts it to your communication needs. His developed artistic sense and adaptability enable him to illustrate on a wide variety of projects: posters, flyers, logos, digital campaigns, packaging, press drawings, etc.

The job of freelance illustrator is not limited solely to a visual creation for a project. He also needs to manage the process by: meeting the customers, identifying their needs and expectations, validating precise specifications, imbuing himself with the brand's universe, managing changes and ensuring delivery, etc.

Who are the Illustrator registered on
37 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Illustrator.
Junior €287
Intermediary €309
Confirmed €354

What skills does a Illustrateur need to master?

A freelance illustrator has solid graphic skills and uses his pencil for the purposes of visual communication: drawing techniques, decorative arts, vector drawing, typography, etc. each illustrator has his own universe. 

He may have undergone training in fine art, art history or attended schools specialising in applied arts. His general education in terms of the art world makes him very open minded and this allows him to develop a rich and modular world according to the project. 

He has solid skills in terms of drawing bases and image processing in various forms, both digital and physical. He is proficient in image creation and editing software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, etc.

In which project is a Illustrator involved?

He is usually involved when a project needs to be illustrated. Requests can be varied, from print to digital media, and can involve one or a number of illustrations.  

A freelance illustrator may be incorporated into design teams (Artistic Director, Graphic Designer, Graphic reproducer, Computer graphics designer, etc.) or be called on occasionally for more specific and unique projects (events, Concept Art, logos, etc.).

How to choose a Illustrator?

Each freelance illustrator has his own artistic talent and personal graphic universe. Portfolios are an excellent means of checking whether your project is compatible with the technical abilities of your freelance professional. 

The style of illustration allows you to select a profile according to your sector of activity: children’s illustrations, products, paper covers, gaming, etc. 

Take the time to talk to your freelance illustrator. He should understand your detailed expectations and be attentive to the specific characteristics of the project. He may make recommendations that will help you move forward with your artistic project. Together, define the way in which you can use his creations (copyright, reproduction rights, right to amend, etc.)