Image consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance image consultant is a coach who helps you adjust your appearance and dress code according to your personality, your company status and your sector of activity.

Both a stylist and a skilled psychologist, he makes you look your best and increases your self-confidence. 

After a body-shape analysis and a study of your personality, he defines which dress style best suits you: hair and make-up, dress, facial makeover…

He works independently but uses a number of service providers to carry out your physical transformation (make-up artist, beautician, personal shopper, hairdresser).

Who are the Image consultant registered on
34 year of average age
6 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Image consultant.
Junior €249
Intermediary €450
Confirmed €497

What skills does a Conseiller en Image need to master?

A freelance image consultant is proficient in many techniques in terms of styling, fashion trends, cosmetology and beauty.

He is keen to give you a new image, he is a teacher and very positive about what he does. His energy and compassion help you manage the stress involved in a makeover.

He is insightful and a good listener, which enables him to understand your expectations and needs.

In which project is a Image consultant involved?

A freelance image consultant usually works for top business executives, directors and department heads. He can help them define their dress style on a daily basis and improve their image capital, prepare for a recorded or live video show, during public events (meetings, speeches to the press, public appearances, etc.).

How to choose a Image consultant?

The soft skills of your freelance image consultant are key to finding a profile that really suits you. He must be attentive to your expectations and be able to work on your various requirements. Talk to him and define your project, budget and objectives.

You can check the references of your makeover professional on our platform to get an idea of his previous experience.