Infrastructure consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

The freelance infrastructure consultant identifies and installs the resources and tools your company needs to create a high-performance IT infrastructure: system, network, security, databases, messaging, etc.

He/she recommends solutions that will improve the working conditions, the agility and productivity of your employees. He/she considers legislative standards as well as health and safety at work in the development project implemented.

After analyzing the company's needs, he/she writes a technical specification listing the IT solutions and equipment to be deployed in your company. He/she designs the project monitoring dashboard and installs the recommended solutions, then trains the various users in use of the new tools. He/she is responsible for the maintenance and support of your infrastructure and corrects any malfunctions. 

Thanks to his/her ongoing monitoring, he/she anticipates the needs in your company’s sector of activity and for each of the company’s workstations.

Who are the Infrastructure consultant registered on
37 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Infrastructure consultant.
Junior €613
Intermediary €618
Confirmed €597

What skills does a Consultant Infrastructure need to master?

The freelance infrastructure consultant must have technical skills and knowledge of network and computer system management. He/she reacts rapidly to any failures that may occur. He/she makes decisions quickly thanks to his/her spirit of initiative.

This infrastructure specialist works methodically and with extreme rigour. He/she is versatile and performs his/her tasks independently. He/she adapts seamlessly to the working environment in your business. Thanks to his/her analytical skills he/she will identify the solutions best suited to your company.

His/her excellent communication skills, team spirit and ability to teach others means he/she can effectively train your employees.

In which project is a Infrastructure consultant involved?

Your freelance is involved in installing or updating your network infrastructure, software and your digital work tools. 

He/she can respond to the needs for enhanced network performance and propose tools adapted to a changing market, support change management, set up information systems and protect your data through cybersecurity, etc.

How to choose a Infrastructure consultant?

The missions of your freelance infrastructure consultant will differ according to whether he/she is required to operate in a large or a smaller enterprise.

A more versatile profile is recommended for a small organization. He/she will then be responsible for all types of infrastructure. In a large organization he/she must be able to deploy tools on a broader scale and may be required to work on a single type of system. 

You must define your needs and the scope of involvement of your infrastructure consultant before launching the project. Should he/she design new infrastructure or optimize existing systems? Specify your request in a precise and detailed specification.