UX Designer, Full-stack developer

When a website is created, various stages are involved, from the creation of the concept to the deployment of the web interface. A freelance web integrator works in partnership with the web designer and the back-end developer to create the website.

The web designer defines the place and choice of each visual element (buttons, sections, headers, etc.) of the site by creating a graphic layout.

An integrator transforms this visual layout into a computer code (language that allows the site to operate) using programming tools (frameworks, libraries). This makes the website compatible with all media (responsive design) such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

He works with back-end web developers who provide him with useful data for producing interfaces.

Who are the Integrator registered on
42 year of average age
7 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance Integrator.
Junior €266
Intermediary €457
Confirmed €425

What skills does a Intégrateur need to master?

A freelance web integrator knows web languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). He uses “ready-to-use” libraries such as Bootstrap, which facilitate efficient and responsive integration of the graphic layout.

He must be meticulous and his organisation and thoroughness allow him to keep his development errors to a minimum, while complying with the specifications provided by the web designer. His adaptability and sense of priorities allow him to work on several projects at the same time.

A freelance integrator relies on continual digital and technological intelligence to use the appropriate tools that facilitate his work.

He is familiar with the regulations applicable to the Web (W3C standards), takes into account the technical constraints as well as accessibility standards to integrate them into Front-end development (directly visible to website users).

In which project is a Integrator involved?

A web integrator is involved in the creation of websites that are either commercial (e-commerce sites) or which showcase your activity (showcase sites). He can also work on updating your existing site or take charge of the integration work in a mobile application.

How to choose a Integrator?

To get an idea of the skills of your freelancer, you can view his previous achievements set out in his Coworkees profile. His technical skills must enable him to comply with the specifications laid down by the web designer. Have a chat with your Integrator to see how he works and how long he thinks it will take to integrate your website.

Since he will be required to work with your digital team (web developer, Webmaster, web designer, referencing provider, web writer, etc.), his interpersonal skills and team spirit are very important for successfully carrying out your project.