IT consultant

UX Designer, Full-stack developer

A freelance IT consultant operates in companies with the aim of advising and supporting all the personnel involved in the use of new technologies, in order to develop their performance.

The duties of a freelance IT consultant are far-reaching: 

He diagnoses existing technologies within your company and then defines the new ones to be installed or improved, taking into account the specificities of your sector of activity. He integrates them into your working environment and helps your employees to learn them by offering training or workshops. 

A freelance IT consultant monitors the work and analyses the feedback on the effectiveness of the new ICT compared with the original requirement. He can work with your IT department to develop the deployment strategy for new technologies.

Who are the IT consultant registered on
40 year of average age
8 years of exp. in average
Average daily rate for a freelance IT consultant.
Junior €345
Intermediary €633
Confirmed €603

What skills does a Consultant IT need to master?

A freelance IT consultant is well versed in all current information systems, i.e., all the company resources that enable information management. 

He knows the specifics of the Web and the functions of all your software packages (office automation, administration, DTP, etc.), as well as project management tools (SQL server, Red Hat, etc.). Some software is in English, so he must be comfortable with operational English. 

A freelance IT consultant has excellent organisational and project management skills. He is a communicator with good interpersonal and listening skills who seeks to develop your company's practices and educate.

In which project is a IT consultant involved?

Whether it is renewing the technologies of your company that have become obsolete, setting up a business intelligence solution or launching new IT projects, an IT consultant guides you in using the new technologies necessary for the proper functioning and optimisation of your information systems.

In addition, he helps you to deploy information storage and transmission technologies (blockchain or cloud computing). He can also assist you with your needs in terms of IT security or even IT maintenance.

How to choose a IT consultant?

Depending on your project, an IT consultant advises you on the technologies you need to integrate in your company. Make sure that they know the technologies that you use within your company and that they are proficient in the technical solutions relating to your computer system. Evaluate his working methods by asking him to provide you with professional references.

Feel free to chat with freelancers in person to ensure that their interpersonal skills will work well with your team.